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Intramural spring registration is now closed. Players can be added to teams until Friday, 3/14, at 5:00pm.

All intramural players must create an account and submit a waiver to participate! See below for instructions for creating and joining a team and signing your waiver.

Captains may submit a Game Change Request to reschedule a game they can't make.
Please be aware that these are not guaranteed and must be submitted 10 business days prior in order to be considered for a reschedule.

Should you have any questions about online intramural registration please visit our office in the Upper SUB, contact us at 562-944-0351 x5876, or via email at


A waiver must be signed before you are eligible to participate in Intramurals.

Over 18 years old

Under 18 years old (this requires a parent signature)



Need to create an account?

If you've never created an account before, simply click "Sign Up" at the top of the page. You will create an account using your Biola email address. This will become your login information. Be sure to use your Biola ID number (not your NetID) when creating an account; this will confirm your eligibility.

To see Frequently Asked Questions about Intramural Registration please view this Intramural FAQ Sheet

Want to create a team?

Follow these steps to create a team:

Under “Active Registrations, ” click the “create a team” icon for the sport in which you want to create your team.

Next, select the division you want to be in.

Once you’ve selected a division you will be asked to enter 1) your team name, 2) your team number, and 3) your team password.

1) The team name is whatever you want your team to be called. Please be advised that team names will be screened for appropriateness; should your team name be considered inappropriate, intramural staff may ask you to change your name.

2) For your team number, please leave it in the default position. It will select the team number for you based on the order you sign up relative to other teams.

3) Your team password is what you will distribute to your teammates. They will use this to join your team. No one will be able to join your team without your team password.

Once you click “add team” your team will be created. You will then be directed to a page where you can email invitations to your friends who you would like to have on your team. When inviting teammates, be sure you enter their Biola email address. You can skip this step if you would like to email your teammates yourself. Just be sure to provide your team password to everyone you want to have on your team.

To pay for your team, select the link that says “pay” under “Payment Status.” You should receive an email receipt following your team’s payment. If you are not paying with a credit or debit card you must bring cash or checks to the SPA/SGA/SMU Office in the Upper Student Union Building.

Want to join a team?

Follow these steps to join a team:

Under “Active Registrations,” Click the “Join a Team” icon for the sport in which you would like to join a team.

Select the team you would like to play for in the drop down menu.

Enter the team password given to you by your team captain.

Click “Join Team,” and you will be added to the team you selected.

You should now be added to the team. You can view your team's schedule under "My Schedule."

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